Boeing’s Design for Its 737 MAX Jet Draws Scrutiny

Federal investigators and lawmakers are asking the same question about Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX jet: Did U.S. safety regulators rigorously follow longstanding engineering and design standards in approving a suspect stall-prevention feature? Officials from the Justice Department and the Transportation Department inspector general’s office are looking into how Boeing developed the aircraft, which has been…

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American Colin O’Brady Becomes the First Person to Complete a Solo Antarctica Crossing

An Oregon man became the first person to traverse Antarctica alone without any assistance on Wednesday, trekking across the polar continent in an epic 54-day journey that was previously deemed impossible. Colin O’Brady, of Portland, finished the bone-chilling, 930-mile (1,500-kilometer) journey as friends, family and fans tracked the endurance athlete’s progress in real time online.…

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‘I did it!’: Colin O’Brady completes ‘The Impossible First’ across Antarctica

Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press Published 10:42 p.m. ET Dec. 26, 2018 CLOSE An ESA satellite’s data shows Antarctica was once linked to India and Australia before supercontinent Gondwana separated 200 million years ago. Buzz60 Colin O’Brady, of Portland., Oregon, has become the first person to traverse Antarctica without any assistance. O’Brady finished the 932-mile…

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