Zachary Quinto feeds off the souls of children in first trailer for NOS4A2

A soul-sucking vampire preys on young children in AMC’s new supernatural horror series, NOS4A2.Zachary Quinto plays a soul-sucking vampire who preys on children and traps them in an alternate dimension where it’s always Christmas in the new AMC series NOS4A2 (pronounced “Nosferatu,” after the classic 1922 vampire film). The series is an adaption of the 2013…

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A second-world-war story transposed to the 21st century

OF FILM-MAKERS working today, Christian Petzold is best placed to create a homage to “Casablanca”. In “Barbara” (2012) and “Phoenix” (2014) the German director considered love under fascism and his country’s complicated history. “Transit”, his latest film, is similar in tone to his previous work but bears clear traces of Michael Curtiz’s classic romantic drama,…

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The Oscars show is shaping up as such a hot mess, we can’t wait to see it

CLOSE USA TODAY film critic Brian Truitt predicts who will take home an Oscar this year and who really deserves it. USA TODAY This year’s Academy Awards offers all the traditional reasons to tune in: Glimpses of the world’s biggest movie stars preening in couture gowns and borrowed diamonds. Great movies receiving the film industry’s highest accolade. Soaring speeches.…

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