Holding out on Huawei

ON MAY 20TH it became clear that some of the world’s most prominent technology companies—Google, Intel and Qualcomm—had stopped selling software, hardware and licences for intellectual property to Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer of phones and networking gear. This followed an announcement by the American government on May 15th that it was banning the export of…

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Sleepless in Silicon Valley

FIRST, CLOSE the blackout blinds in your bedroom. Eat dinner at 4pm, and do not eat or drink anything after 6pm. Put on your blue-light blocking glasses at 8pm. Set your bedroom temperature to 67ºF (19.4ºC) and your electric blanket to 69.8ºF (21ºC). At 8.45pm, meditate for five to ten minutes. Switch on your deep-wave…

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Incumbency ain’t what it used to be

DONALD TRUMP’S campaign rallies have had a makeover. Though most of their signature features are still evident— the MAGA hats on sale, the testaments to Mr Trump’s generosity by warm-up speakers, his dramatic arrival by helicopter, Elton John and the Stones blaring out to make everyone feel young again—the production has been brought up to…

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