A high school swimmer in Alaska had her 100-meter freestyle victory overturned after a referee determined she committed a “uniform violation” when her swimsuit revealed too much of her backside.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, the swimmer from Dimond High School competed in four events at the meet on Friday, but was disqualified in only one. A meet official said the referee who disqualified the girl said she could see “butt cheek touching butt cheek.”

The Anchorage School District is now reviewing the decision.

“The disqualification appears to stem from a difference of opinion in the interpretation of the rules governing high school swim uniforms,” the school district said in a statement issued on Monday.

Under the National Federation of High Schools rule, boys must cover their buttocks and girls must cover their buttocks and breasts. School district officials said the disqualified swimmer was wearing an “approved, school-issued suit” during the meet.

Meanwhile, another coach in the area lashed out at the decision in a blog post Monday, saying she believes the girl was treated unfairly.

“This young lady and her sisters are being targeted not for the way they wear their suits but for the way those suits fit their curvier, fuller figured bodies,” West High coach Lauren Langford wrote.

“If lots of girls are wearing them, and they’re cut in a way that is ‘immodest,’ why has only one swimmer been disqualified?”


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