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The race to become Britain’s next PM

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THERESA MAY stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party on June 7th. She will remain as prime minister until her successor is chosen. Nominations for the Tory leadership closed on June 10th, to be followed by several rounds of voting among MPs to whittle down the ten candidates, a process that will take a week or two. The MPs will then send two names to party members who will make the final choice. The result of their vote will be announced before Parliament rises for summer.

Betfair Exchange, a gambling website, has been tracking punters’ predictions on the next Tory leader. According to the wisdom of the betting crowd, a handful of candidates stand out. But there is only one clear frontrunner.

In Friday’s edition of The Economist asks, Anne McElvoy spoke to Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart about their leadership plans:

Adrian Wooldridge, our political editor, assesses the chances of some of the leading Conservative politicians hoping to take the top job in this short film:

Source: Betfair Exchange

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