Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was shot at close range in a club in the Dominican Republic. A previous version of this video misidentified Ortiz.

David Ortiz is expected to be flown from the Dominican Republic to Boston on Monday afternoon for further treatment of a gunshot wound, and answered yes and no questions from family members, according to one of his associates. 

Leo Lopez, Ortiz’s assistant, told USA TODAY Sports that Ortiz’s family is hopeful he will be on his way to Boston by 4 p.m. ET on Monday, via a plane sent by the Red Sox. Lopez said doctors were examining Ortiz early Monday afternoon to determine whether his condition was sufficiently stable to travel.

“Just yes or no. Not a lot of words, but he can talk,” Lopez said of Ortiz.

Ortiz was shot in the “lower back/abdominal region” at a bar in the Dominican Republic on Sunday night and underwent surgery at a local hospital.

“The bullet went through his stomach,” Felix Durán Mejia, a spokesperson for the Dominican National Police told CNN.

The Red Sox said in a statement that they “offered David’s family all available resources to aid his recovery.” He is expected to receive further treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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