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Verratti: 'Jorginho like Thiago Motta'

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Marco Verratti said Italy teammate Jorginho “really reminds me of Thiago Motta, the way he plays it simple, but makes the team tick.”

The Azzurri dominated in Athens for last night’s 3-0 victory over Greece, continuing their perfect start to Euro 2020 qualifying.

“We work well together and Jorginho really reminds me of Thiago Motta, someone who also played it simple, but made the team tick,” PSG midfielder Verratti told Sky Sport Italia.

Jorginho has been criticised at Chelsea for playing simple passes, but Verratti assures it is only deceptively easy.

“We played as a team and the results were clear for all to see. I really like playing this style of football with the Nazionale and the Coach sets us out very well.

“In modern football, you need several players who are happy keeping the ball to feet and passing, because all teams have improved.”

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